The Fight to #FlipTheSixth
Jordan Jenkins

[The Handel campaign] have begun to adopt some of the tactics belonging to the very fringes of the far right, associating Ossoff with Kathy Griffin and labeling him as simply another violent violent liberal in a particularly gory ad.

This is incredibly dishonest, first of all the ad is only ‘particularly gory’ because it shows Kathy Griffin’s sickening decapitation stunt — making it seem like this is the fault of the Handel campaign is misleading in the extreme.

Second — tactics belonging to the ‘very fringes of the far right’? If anything, Handel is simply fighting fire with fire and reflecting the prog-left’s extreme rhetoric back at them.

And, thankfully, it seems to be working — Handel has finally taken a lead and she has unveiled some incredibly effective ads for the stretch run.