“As far as ‘concerned citizen’ — it seems like any sensible citizen would be concerned with a Star…
J. Garcia

Flynn was a national security threat.

This is something that’s been widely asserted among some — mostly partisan — circles, but never proved (In fact, there’s information emerging that the actual conversations recorded were mundane).

And the premise the assertion rests upon is practically a tautology — believing Flynn to be a security threat merely because the IC has declared him to be a security threat isn’t exactly consistent with the idea of civilian control of government (Anyone here remember the Church Committee hearings?)

The one thing we know for certain is that Flynn was a long-standing critic of the IC establishment — that’s why Obama fired him from DIA — and was preparing to use his NSC position to direct a reorganization (And given IC’s failures of the past decade plus — Iraq WMD, miscalculating the results of Arab Spring, failing to predict the rise of ISIS — such a thing is well overdue) .

But besides that, anyone who cares about democratic norms and civilian control of government ought to be concerned with the IC using their access to wiretap info to destroy a political rival.

All that said though, I doubt past this point we’ll find any agreement on this issue. If you believe the ‘security threat’ assertion, you’re probably already convinced.