Well, since this whole story is essentially a microcosm of why Trump is so popular among large segments of the American population, allow me to retort!

Honestly based on what she said, versus how you’ve presented yourself I’d take 1 illegal immigrant of her caliber for 5 legal residents of your attitude.

You must never have lived around large populations of illegals (or maybe political bias is pushing you to make uncharitable remarks) because this is a ridiculous statement. Anyone who’s lived around illegals knows all the various ways they negatively impact living standards — the vandalism, the burglary (Don’t keep anything nice like a gas grill outside if they live nearby. Catalytic converter thefts are also common.), the drug and gang activity, the drunken and reckless driving (They love to roll stop signs and ignore One Way postings.), the habit of driving without insurance (Anyone who has lived in a border state has heard horror stories about this). So forgive me if I regard your preference for the company of illegals with some skepticism.

This is someone who was brought here at a young age, went to school and college and is making something of herself, contributing to society and is clearly appreciative of the opportunities this country provides.

Let’s look more closely at what was actually stated in this piece:

I was working with students and their families at my high school, helping to lead workshops for children and families dealing with paperwork for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program…

She’s assisting others who have entered the country illegally, and getting paid to do it. Seems like a welfare state scam to me…

I persevered and overcame, eventually going on to the University of Texas, preparing for a career as a high school teacher. It was at the university that my great moment came — the chance to participate in the University Leadership Initiative and the struggle for immigrant rights.

So she went to a state school — probably under a scholarship, despite her nonresident status — and learned to combine her Open Borders activism with a job working in public education. Doesn’t seem very ‘appreciative’ and, again, seems like a welfare state scam to me…

Areli Zarate teaches Spanish and facilitates AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) in Austin, Texas.

So, despite English being the official and historical language in the US, she instead teaches Spanish, facilitating an ongoing failure to assimilate. And the kicker comes from the AVID wikipage. AVID — yet another affirmative action program for ‘at risk’ and ‘traditionally underrepresented’ populations, and apparently a cash cow for groups like the NEA and AFT — earned this bon mot:

What Works Clearinghouse, under the Institute of Educational Sciences, reviewed 66 peer-reviewed studies and found that AVID shows no evidence of impact on student reading comprehension.

After working in the TX public schools and seeing this nonsense firsthand, I completely understand why many, many Americans are sick of all this pandering to the illegals.

And yes, I get it that you disagree…

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