Actually Gasser escalated by giving chase.
Ricardo Chavez

Without jumping too far down the rabbit hole — because I’m sure you’re not going to agree with anything I have to say — there are several problems with your post.

First of all, it seems that at the end it was McKnight who was giving chase — his vehicle was parked on the paved shoulder and he exited and approached Gasser’s vehicle. Also, the shell casings were found in Gasser’s car, proving that he remained inside his vehicle.

Also this:

A unarmed (at all ) man standing ‘outside’ your ‘passenger side’ car window is a threat to your life?????

Is consistent with manslaughter — his judgment regarding the threat was faulty, thus making his action negligent.

Finally, the police seem to have interviewed plenty of witnesses in their investigation, so I have to believe that they’ve heard reliable testimony that contradicts the oh-so popular ‘Racist white man executes nonthreatening black man’ narrative.

Ultimately, it seems to me that one has to indulge a fairly elaborate chain of biases to buy a murder charge — racist armed white person who started a confrontation with a peaceful black man, racist cops who conducted a prejudiced investigation, racist witnesses who aided the cover-up, etc — but I don’t share those biases and have no problem seeing this situation for precisely what it seems to be: two assholes who let themselves get sucked into a cycle of stupidity that culminated in one of them ending up shot and dead.

But all that said, I’m sure you disagree. Just extending you the courtesy of a reply.

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