Hello to you reading this subject today smart energy we all use energy without thinking about it would you agree.

There are various company’s who supply Solar panel’s here in the United Kingdom and and there appears to be 2 main types which i learn the other day what i would like to do is change that for the better 7 sheets super thin in one panel i have no training in this field of expertise but it came to me very early one morning.

I would like to help existing companies to create this panel which for 1 is new and 2 would create jobs so firms could expand taking on more people to teach them the skill’s which are needed by product of this profit a share price jump too for those who are on the world market’s currently their is nothing like my idea even though technology increase day on day .

Now i have given you a taste is your mouth watering good because it gets better i live in Newcastle upon tyne in the UK now take the same idea and give it a massive boost to start all shopping centre’s or large factorys homes too here is the best bit share what the panels generate 60/40 .

Change the way we think change the way we think of energy for thoses in the know my idea is going to the patent office before i take it to manufactoruors do hope my spelling is correct .

What i am looking at long term is creating jobs boosting economy and giving people something back in their pocket as a way of saying thank you plus in the long run creating a call back for maintenance of these new panel’s my wish is lower electric prices for us all as i have seen so many people struggle with higher bills.

Even the company i work for threaten our jobs to save money until i mention reducing costs across all our depots in the United Kingdom my depot is going to be fitted soon after i spoke to our New Managing Director Steven Walker about some ideas to save money.

Mostbjust think of me as a driver but that is just the begining ideas inspire us kind regards paul you know where to find me