One year GreenGurus

Paul Gebhardt
Mar 8, 2017 · 4 min read

Exactly one year ago we started GreenGurus with the vision to build a modern delivery-only restaurant chain for healthy and sustainable delivery food.

Since March, we sold more than 100,000 salads and bowls to Berliners. Our electric scooters travelled more than 50,000 km across Berlin to deliver our food. We have been surprised by the masses of feedback from customers who helped us to improve our recipes, delivery experience, packaging and ultimately to build a brand.

Building a purely digital restaurant experience has been extremely hard work. From substituting a brick and mortar restaurant experience with a digital product, to our own on-demand logistics infrastructure with 30 electrics scooters, 20 bikes and 4 cars, to ultimately running a large-scale production kitchen.

But apart from the operational challenges this model ultimately bears we learned that what matters most is the quality of our food.

We are at the center of a food revolution. First, society is slowly acknowledging that common dietary guidelines of the past, such as “low-fat / high-carb diets”, have been completely wrong. Second, individual awareness of nutrition and “what to eat” has never been higher. People are willing to spend more money for good food and it has never been more popular to voluntarily restrict one’s own diet by abstaining meat, gluten, carbohydrates or animal products altogether.

We launched GreenGurus to serve exactly that niche of consumers by offering healthy and vegetarian food which is made for delivery.

We are now taking our learnings of designing and producing good quality food to other food verticals.

Germans spent €4 billion for delivery food in 2016; Berliners more than €300 million. The market, however, is still dominated by local mom and pop restaurants serving mostly unhealthy food, which is neither designed nor packaged for its delivery. We believe that the majority of delivery food, in that massive market, will in the future come from “delivery-only” kitchens focusing on delivery food rather than running a side-business of amateurishly packaging restaurant food for its delivery.

Over the next 8 weeks we will be launching 4 new digital restaurant brands on top of our existing infrastructure. We, therefore, diligently analysed our customers’ feedback to identify their biggest pains and desires when it comes to delivery food. However, we will remain true to our initial vision of building a modern delivery-only restaurant chain for ultra-fresh and sustainable delivery food and to our core values:

  1. Made for delivery
  2. Fresh contemporary food
  3. Value for money

Today, we are launching our 2nd delivery brand Gringo Burritos together with our umbrella brand Guru Collective. As of today, Guru Collective is aggregating our services around running and building digital restaurant brands and providing the infrastructure to our first two brands GreenGurus and Gringo Burritos.

With Gringo Burritos we have built a healthy Californian burrito and bowl brand. Like GreenGurus, we are putting again a big emphasis on natural ingredients, an environmentally friendly delivery packaging and modern recipes. For the first time we are offering meat options.

We’d love to get your feedback on our new product extension Gringo Burritos and stay tuned for more fresh food options to come in the next months!

About us

Guru Collective is setting a new standard for fast and fresh food delivery. We are building the first digital restaurant chain delivering fresh and contemporary food which is purely made for delivery.

We source and produce locally and put a big emphasis on sustainability by delivering CO2 neutral with electric vehicles and compostable packaging. |

Guru Collective launched in March 2016 and is backed by Atlantic Internet, Project A Ventures and industry experts.

Thanks to Jamie Burton and Dimitrios Ploutarchos

Paul Gebhardt

Written by

Co-founder of Keatz. Data lover, hobby chef, econometrician.

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