According to green is the color of growing foliage, between yellow and blue in the spectrum, however to me that is all nonsense. Green is watermelon.

(edited park photo)

When Mrs. Hahn told us we will be doing a color photoshoot I hoped for one color in particular–green. She claimed green is the “easy” color, however to me I saw an opportunity.

(unedited watermelon photo)

I went to the nearest grocery store and bought three watermelons, a little excessive? Well no, because they were absolutely delicious. While at the grocery store I decided well I am here why not just take some photos of some of the greens?

Soon after I took a trip to the nearest park — and let’s just say I was one of the cool kids at the skate park.

Now not all of these photos have been edited, but let’s just say my voice is already evident in the photos that haven’t been edited. In the “plain” photos I tried to incorporate other elements to make my student voice evident. Now just keep in mind I don’t ever plan on being a serious photographer.

While editing many of these photos I had to learn many photoshop techniques and it was a fun experience on the editing side of these photos. Overall this entire assignment was a fun time, and yes I did get lots of stares while at the skate park, I’m just assuming that was my initiation into being one of the cool kids at the skate park.

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