Seven Characteristics of Creativity

Receptivity — Be open to new ideas; welcome new experiences.

To me receptivity is priority to creativity–new ideas are one of the foundations of art. If you bring something new to the table you will be more likely to be noticed than if you copied older works not bringing anything new to the table.

Attentiveness — Every experience is potentially valuable.

Yes, things go wrong, however can you gain from that experience? Use those bad, boring, or what ever the experience may be and use it to your advantage, what do you have to change for success?

Conviction — Tenaciously pursue an independent path.

Don’t flock with others, you are you and be yourself, create your own path, don’t take the easy way just because the path is already there.

Curiosity — Research unusual topics; analyze unfamiliar systems.

Curiosity killed the cat? No, curiosity allowed the cat to reach it’s full potential.

Wide Range of Interests — With more components, the number of combinations increase.

Don’t stick to one medium, expand your mind and increase the way you think. Mix and mingle ideas among others!

Seeking Connections — See the similarity between disparate parts.

Why stay isolated? Take your path and merge it with other to optimize your potential.

Complexity — Combine the irrational with the intuitive.

Make it complex, why stay simple? Make everything as extraordinary as you can to best fit the desirable goal.

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