A Journey to the Center of Somewhere

Dive in. That’s been my mentality the last 9 months as I searched for a new path. And not just a new path in my career, but a new path in my life. For a long time I’ve straddled the line in my career, relationships, and life. As of today, I am all in. But in what?

I’ll focus on the career part for this post, as that still remains cloudy. I should mention in the past year I’ve moved from NYC to Chicago, and since turned my two year long distance girlfriend, into my fiance. I would consider that about as “all in” as you can get for the relationship part. Until the wedding of course.

As for the career part, I am not all that surprised my journey has lead me to Starter School. I have a business background, a hunger to solve problems I care about, and a desire to build. Oh, and I’d like to make a lot of money at some point. I think given that combination, I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t try the entrepreneurship route. SS seems like a great guide for me as I set out on this journey.

I almost attended a developer bootcamp instead of SS. Old me may have chosen that route. That would have been dipping my toes into a pool I knew nothing about. The cautious play. SS is about diving in and learning how to swim. Thank god they have great life preservers.

So why do I want to dive into this pool called entrepreneurship? I know nothing about building a company. I have no direct experience in managing people or product development. Am I setting myself up for failure?

Maybe it’s egotistical or maybe it’s just plain stupid. But ultimately, I just want to see what I am capable of doing. And as important, who I am capable of becoming. I’ve always held myself to a high standard and I still think I can do something great in this world.

I have often regarded entrepreneurs as some of my most inspirational mentors. Building something from nothing. Changing things. Impacting society. That is real. Am I setting myself up for failure? Maybe. But I think it’s worth the risk if I have the chance to create true substance in my career.

That said, I am scared. I’d be lying if I didn’t address my concerns.

What happens when responsibilities in my life increase? What happens when I have kids? How can I fully dive into fatherhood if I own another baby named My Company?

Outside of just the personal responsibilities, I have no clue where my company is going. As certain as I am about ideas for my company, I am just as certain that those ideas will change drastically. It’s hard to dive in to something when you don’t know where the center is. That unknown is unsettling.

Unsettling as it may be, it is exciting. I think if you don’t have butterflies, it means you aren’t doing something worth doing.

So, here I am, diving in. The journey, while guided, has an unknown destination called Somewhere. Call my crazy, but I know Somewhere is worth going.