Let’s walk through this meeting process.
David Cearley

I disagree with your analysis of the meeting between Trump Jr and the Russians. I see it as much less innocent. But distrust in gov’t? You got that part right. Maybe because Trump’s administration has said time and again that they did not meet with the Russians (then it’s proven that many did), then they say they didn’t have politically motivated talks with Russians (now we know that’s not true). Add to all this that sanctions (passed overwhelmingly by the Senate) against Russia are being held up by the WH. In fact, Trump Sr himself still casts doubt about the Russian influence on the US election.

So despite Trump Sr “applauding” his son’s “transparency”, nothing about this administration is trustworthy or should give anyone confidence in our government. And yes, Putin is laughing. And Trump, Ryan, and McConnell will do nothing to stop him from continuing his meddling.

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