“Every day that passes with President Trump in office is another day for a young person to see the…

Wow. How did you get to be so one-sided in your viewpoint? Dems are ALWAYS taking away rights and freedoms? The Obama administration was riddled with CORRUPTION? Hm. I don’t remember it that way at all. No one was indicted in Obama’s administration that I can recall. Jobs were added to the economy for a record number of months. No gun owners lost their right to own firearms- if anything, laws were liberalized regarding gun ownership despite atrocities such as Sandy Hook. All of the intelligence agencies say Russia meddled in our election but this must be a Lefty conspiracy, eh? ‘Cause the FBI and CIA are filled with liberals.

Anyway, the Republican politicians are winning bigly and America is soon to be great again. (Apparently we are not already — let me know when we are again!).

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