Experimenting with your camera…

Whether you like the following images or not the main reason for this post is to encourage you to try something new with your camera. Look at creating images using a different setting on your camera rather than choosing a different genre. By doing this it can sometimes open up a whole new approach to your photography.

The following images have been created using my Fuji camera’s (X100s and X-T10) in the double exposure mode. I decided not to super impose an image on to another to create some sort of related imagery but to just simply rotate the camera between shots. I was looking for high contrast with the bright lights at night in the city; wet streets could of been even better!

But, the main to remember from this short post is to experiment with your camera really get to know what it can achieve for you. You never know it might open a whole new world of image making for you!

The Jersey Boys.
An approaching bus.
The Hippodrome
Through bus windows Clapton Pond.
Ghost Bus
I love Mormon
In Tandem.
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