Start a New Project

Always looking to do something ‘new’ in your photography is difficult. We all get to the stage when we feel tired of the work we have been creating. In this case it’s probably best to take a break from a given project and look to produce another one and return to older projects at a later stage. This I feel will keep you enthusiastic about your projects, rather than get stale and lost for what to create next…

This is what I have done. My projects Life @ 1/15th sec, Lifestyle, Cars and The Harley are still ongoing, but taking a break from them will help me in the future to return to them and create new and more effective images. So I have started another project which at the time of writing has endless opportunities to develop.

“Double Exposure”.

All images are taken with my Fuji’s. (X100s , X-T10, or my IR converted X-E1). The first set of images here are in colour (as you can see) it maybe that these images will look better as mono visual art concepts…

Scenes from London

London Bus Ghost
Road Block
City Lights
I love Mormon
Passing Buses
In Tandem
The Theatre Royal Haymarket
Her Majesty’s Theatre, Haymarket.
In Convoy
Trafalgar Square

Maybe its time for you to think about starting a new a project…

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