Stick around

You might ‘see’ something.

On a recent “Night-shoot walkabout’ in London, I came across an advantage point, and it got me thinking. Sometimes when you’re out street shooting it pays to stay in one place and just observe what is going on. Using the main scene as a backdrop and taking images of those passing the people in their own little world.

This particular time it was late and getting to the end of my walk-about as I ventured down toward Trafalgar Square, which on a normal evening there would be tons of people there. As it turned out on this evening there wasn’t! It had been raining hard and there was a slight drizzle still in the air. People were rushing home; they had had enough for the day. Walking into the Square, The National Gallery loomed large over everything. The lights were still on and the wet surface reflected this wonderful warm glow.

So I decided to hang around a bit to see what happened. I watched the crowds walk and run passed. The majority of which were so pre-occupied with looking at their smartphones they didn’t even notice me. Some just wanted to get to a dry place! But it gave me such a beautiful scene to photograph.

It just goes to show that some times you should just stick around and take in what’s going on, rather than make one image then walk on to another point.

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