Omnifocus and Things are perfect for different types of people. I’ve been both.

When I was an Omnifocus kinda guy

  • Today
  • Weekly sprint
  • Backlog
  • One day
  • Home
  • Out
  • Wife
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Brain dead
  • Quick wins
  • Working
  • On device
  • Stalled
  • Current project
  • Waiting

Simplification eventually paved the way to move to Things

  • 12 folders
  • 70 projects
  • 200 tasks
  • 2 level one tags

When to triage

Getting the most out of Things

  • I can add tasks at folder level. In Omnifocus, I often had to add a “miscellaneous“ project under a folder, as a catchall for that sort of task.
  • I can have a project with a start date in the future, but also a task under it for earlier than that. In Omnifocus, all tasks in a project inherit their availability from the project.
  • I like the Headings feature of Things. In Omnifocus, I would have had to use sub-tasks or tags to group tasks

One guy; two successful and very different ways of working; two very different apps

Steak knives

Calendar to Reminders shortcut

Calendar to Things shortcut




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Paul Hampton-Smith

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