Dear America: Here’s Your Gun Solution (Updated)
Sara Benincasa

Your argument is clear and concise, and your vision of how to change gun ownership to make it “inconvenient” would have some effect. But I truly believe that your proposed changes, if realized, would not have the effect you are seeking. People that want to harm other people would simply find another way to do it — including getting their hands on guns from illegal sources. And if we somehow were to outlaw and remove guns world-wide, angry, hateful, or simply grossly misled people would find some other way to hurt people.

What you really want is for people to care more about getting along, than on being right. For people to learn to love their neighbors as themselves — after first learning to love themselves. Until that happens, I plan on being able to defend myself from intruders, burglars, and any form of tyranny. Our Founding Fathers had more foresight and wisdom than you may realize. There were in “the zone” formed when creating a country and a new system of government to be the best the world had ever seen. And ensuring individual liberty (at the person, family, city, or state level) was rightly identified as one of the things evil men constantly try to take away. Worldwide, there are still dozens of areas where they don’t get that. Talking about taking away guns just makes me MORE likely to go out and get more.