Bitcoin Magazine


Q) When you bought Bitcoin or other type similar programs did you ever generate additional Coins to mine?

A) Not that I can recall, buy a Package from Coinspace you generate additional Coins to mine, depending on the package you buy.

Q) When you bought Bitcoin did they mine multiple currencies?

A) No they just mine Bitcoin, I believe Coinspace mines multiple currency’s that’s why the price might far excide Bitcoin’s price much faster.

Q) Do they have a side Business you can run, where you not only get cash, but get bonus coins?

A) No nothing like that has ever come from Bitcoin, Coinspace does some guys are making 50 to 6 figures a month.

Q) When you bought Bitcoin did they offer you Merchant Facility’s – Your own ATM.

A) No true? you have that coming? Yes Coinspace can very soon offer you these services, plus much more.

Q) When you bought Bitcoin did they offer you the ability to buy Business Apps that would normally cost for example 20k for only approx. 600 euro plus a small monthly fee?

A) Again no, Coinspace will soon introduce this service, you make commission on each one you sell.

Q) To buy one Bitcoin it costs approx. A$1,101 – Coinspace is in pre-launch at only 0.79 euro.

A) It seems prudent to buy at the lower price, you would think so.

Q) When are they launching? What’s the price going to be?

A) There is talk it could be very soon, could be anything, it’s hard to speculate, you would think they won’t stay at 0.79 euro for very long, there is also talk they could be with all they have going on be 4 figures, maybe in 1 to 3 years.