Kitchen Knife Terminologies – Blade

Single Bevel vs. Double Bevel 片刄と諸刄

Modern kitchen knives can be roughly categorized under either Single-bevelled (片刄 Kataba) knives and Double-bevelled (諸刄 Moroba) knives. When you look at the the cross-section of a blade, if both sides are sharpened at a similar angle it is a double-bevelled knife; if one side of the blade is flat or concave, the opposite side is convex, then you are looking at a single-bevelled knife.


Combined blade vs. Full-steel blade 合わせ包丁と全鋼製包丁

A blade is called “combined”/”awase” if it is made of softer iron body with only the very edge made of steel. If the entire blade is made of steel, we call it “full steel” blade.

本霞 薄刃包丁
本焼き 尺寸 柳刃包丁

Blade finishing 包丁の仕上げ

Kurouchi Nakiri
Hokiyama Tsuchime


  • 包丁と砥石大全: 包丁と砥石の種類、研ぎの実践を網羅した決定版! 誠文堂新光社 (2014/8/19)
  • 包丁と砥石 柴田書店 (1999/10/1)



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