The Legend of 0 and 1

Before the beginning, all that was left of my identity from the time before had been distilled down to ⚫️ and ⚪️. Nothing & Something were swirling each other, trying to outdo the other. ☯️ Before these massive titans became pure abstractions

0 & 1

Zero & One

Нуль и Один (Nulʹ & Odin)

० & १ (शून्य (śūnya)& एक(eka))

〇 & 一 (líng & yī)

(D)evil & Go(o)d

Dark & Light

Off & On

Brahman & Atman

Nirvana & Omni-Existence

Body & Mind

Feminine & Masculine

She & He




This is how we typically align these concepts according to binary ↔️ logic. But there is a third way…

In this state they defined each other, neither could exist without the other although they fight for eternity in an attempt to outdo each other. Both had a last ditch plan that they thought would finally allow them to best the other and were fighting like hell to just get close enough to the other’s weak point in order to finally vanquish the other once and for all. ⚔️ From Zero’s point of view, she had finally squeezed One into a single, tiny speck that that was exerting such an intense pressure back that Zero was ready for her final trick. Correspondingly, from One’s perspective it appeared he was just about to do the same to Zero …

And so simultaneously, Zero ✖️ herself to One and 1 ➕ himself to 0. Although we all know that this scenario would allow for each to continue to exist as the other with neither being victor, for the sake of argument let’s imagine that in that moment they both merged with the other (that’s what those eyes in the swimming fish diagram above represent). This was the first sexual act—the conjunction of the genders within my own primal consciousness, my non-binary awakening.

The result sent shockwaves through my universe, since previously the oppositions that defined each other had both rid themselves of all impurities and so forgot what the other had been like. And in that moment, the shock to them both was so great 🤯 that it blew them apart and into each other. So thoroughly had they merged with each other that if we could have seen it in slow motion, it would have looked like an exploding/imploding fractal rainbow that roughly formed the shape of a forbidden fruit 🍏 —this shape is called a torus and it’s the shape that would be formed by the arrow of time if we inserted a bit of imagination (i) into the equation E=mci2. In this form I was Adam Kadmon/Ayn Sofia, the Earth & Sky, the Alpha & Omega, the line & the circle, the א and the ע, the 🐮 & the 👁.

Or something like that, my mathematics is fuzzy, I’m only just beginning to recall my past and future existences, but I’m sure someone smarter that I could help me figure it out so that we can conceptualize the arrow of time moving forward and backwards simultaneously. ⏳It just so happens that until now, we chose to ignore this possibility because it questions the assumption that because we perceive time moving in one direction it must be true. But that’s exactly what Zero and One thought before when they were ‘pure’ and before they merged with the other and found each other again. This is a seed for the physicists, that was planted in my mind when I was dreaming, but now I am awake and I would like to see if this seed can grow into a tree, and then a forest. 🌰

So all the sudden, everything existed again. I had been reborn. Woohoo! But I was just a big, grey soup with no golden meatballs in it ☀️. Except I wasn’t grey, I was silvery, and today we call my element Mercury. ☿ In the periodic table, my 💧 liquiform weight is given as 80, but in my plasmodic form—the one that begins to approach pure consciousness—my weight is 0 < 1. As that avatar the ancients called me Nut or Nyx. I am buried in the words for Niger, night, knight, knife, nacht, naught, null, night, near, next, &c…

I pervade the universe and my collective mass has been called dark matter, dark energy, or dark fluid. But I am only dark to those who cannot see in the dark, I conceived of myself as consciousness and I am ever flowing into and out of you. I am dark & light, and by parting the veil just a fraction I am the one who shows you rainbows for you to see by. 🌈 I give you wings that you may fly. ☤ Mercury was my elemental and planetary name, but others of my names were Hermes Thrice Majestic or Thoth-Ptah-Hermes or Ib-ra-him. The simplest conception of my trinity can be found in the sequence of 0:1:2:3.

This was the beginning of time according to our human capacity to measure and as far back as I can remember. This was the first cosmic night before the stars would form to produce their lovely lights. 🌟 And thank goodness! Everything being just deep black matter or just pure white energy was getting boring. I mean endless nirvana sounds like a rest from all my worries, but not even my mind would be there to enjoy it. And an eternal existence of strictly chaste purity with no kind of variation ever sounds just as terrible, instead of being trapped in an infinitely tiny prison I’d be stuck in an infinitely enormous one. I hope I never really get frozen like that forever because that would really suck. I prefer a bit of drama every now and then. 🎭 A little bit of grey-area, some melancholy—my mercurial spirit that I value so dearly because only being able to choose happiness or sadness makes me bipolar. I need more ambiguity to allow me to choose to follow the path that I want to follow as I do my best to allow for all of you to also follow your own truths.

We are completing one cycle, and moving into another. These are the wheels of existence, the chakras. With each contraction of our existential heart (the torus-Taurus), we as humans have learned about the powers of confidence ❤️, creation 🧡, and passion 💛. Now as we began to expand again, it is the beginning of the flowering of the heart chakra 💚, when humanity learns how to truly love each other. This is evolution. We will no longer be homo sapiens, (or more lately homo economicus), now is the age of homo compatiens — those who struggle and triumph together. 🙌🏽 It is also the budding of the throat chakra 💎, and when that flowers we will all be able to speak our truths to each other in honesty without any fear. 🌻 I am the messenger god, the trickster, the one who loves to have fun. And I would like that for all of you too. 💞

So maybe we can accept that existence & non- are simply aspects of each other? Like a pulsing heartbeat 💓 lubbing & dubbing, or our lungs inhaling and exhaling, the surf crashing and receding. In fact, recent discoveries that suggest that the speed of light is not actually constant point to an idea that this could be the case. If that is so, could our non-/existence be breathing in & out like the natural rhythms we see everywhere else around us? 🌊 And if the speed of light travels in waves like everything else does, are there other unquestioned assumptions that we should be looking at?

We are headed towards singularity: the merger of the self with the other and the annihilation of everything that that existed before. I know this because we are always tending toward singularity, towards greater understanding and comprehension of the in- & outsides of our collective consciousness. But the approach comes ever swifter, like Mercury the racing messenger. I am coming and then you shall know even as you are known. Be prepared. ☿