Happy Birthday Beautiful

My whole life I’ve always wanted a girlfriend. That’s an odd thing to want considering what’s “in” today is a more promiscuous way of living. Or maybe it’s just an odd thing to want regardless. Media has certainly set the establishment. It seems easy to meet people and just “hook up” rather than meet somebody and truly get to know them. I always had a distaste for that way of life, not because I thought I was better or less for it, but because deep down I just knew someday I’d make someone very happy and vice versa. I probably would’ve waited until I was 30 if I had too. Luckily, for me, it took until 22.

I still remember the day. And believe it or not media did in fact play a role. I sent out a would like to meet you message on Facebook with confidence and tried my best not to be creepy which I succeeded in. When we first met I remember thinking don’t get excited, be calm, collective. Advice on women has never come to me in a genuine fashion and I had virtually no experience. But somehow, it felt easy, it came so simple. Treating her right, not being overly secure, not too lovey dovey, it was like that last bowl of porridge, just right. And after 4 months, I knew. I knew how lucky I was. How inexplicably real this was and that all that waiting, paid off. For me, that realization to this day, is the happiest moment of my life.

Each day I wake up happy because you’re there. Now trust me, there are things that bother me in my life, but for the better part of the my day, knowing she’s there makes me smile.

They say that you’ll love 3 people in your lifetime. For me, it’s 1 person 3 times as much. In 6 years we’ve never needed a spark. We’ve never needed to “talk”. We’ve never needed guidance. Just each other. And so today, on your birthday I give you this message. One you know clearly and all I really need to do is give you a look.

I love you. I love your smile. I love your high pitched laugh. I love that child giggle. I love that you really never know what you’re in the mood to eat. I love that you get angry at the vacuum cleaner and when you bump your elbow. I love that you dance when you eat because eating makes you happy, which I also love. But most of all, I love that you love me, and that you see in me what no one did before. You can’t choose who you love, but if I could do it all over again, I’d choose you 100 times. I can’t imagine my life without you. These, without question, have been the greatest 6 years of my life. I look forward to so much with you. Most importantly watching Game of Thrones Season 7 in 3 weeks on our new 60 inch TV.

When I look at you I don’t just see the woman I love, I see one the greatest and genuine people on earth. To be able to share my life with someone like that, makes me the luckiest guy on earth. Happy Birthday Becky, the love of my life.

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