Top Ideas for COSA — March 25th, 2015

Hello City Manager Sculley, Mayor Taylor and City Councilors,

Ideas For COSA is a new online community where anyone can submit an idea for the San Antonio City Council. Users can also vote others’ ideas up and down, which produces a crowd-sourced list top ideas. This community is my effort to encourage online civic engagement in San Antonio.

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Here are the top 5 ideas from this past week:

IDEA #1: City Council screwed up Uber. This whole thing is a joke. The requirements the city council is making for Uber and Lyft are too much! Running Uber out of town does not look good and more importantly, the people of SA want Uber to stay.

Submitted by SAborn

IDEA #2: Decriminalize marijuana. Marijuana laws disproportionately affect those in poverty, even though marijuana usage rates are consistent throughout all classes of society. Let’s stop wasting taxpayer’s money arresting people that aren’t hurting anyone.

Submitted by Community Member

IDEA #3: More development into downtown. I hate that downtown SA is viewed as a tourist destination by most natives. We have seen incredible growth in the last 5 years and I want to see more.

The city should be investing as much as they can to build downtown. A great downtown will put San Antonio on the map and make the entire SA community better.

Submitted by pdigio87

IDEA #4: Improvements to medical center surroundings. The Pearl, probably the most exciting part of San Antonio right now, offers a good blend of drawing locals to a variety of shops and restaurants as well as tourists who stay in close proximity (downtown).

However (here me out), the medical center and UTHSCSA offer an environment unmatched by most parts of the city. With a national draw, UTHSCSA hosts visiting scholars, seminars, MD and PhD students from all across the country at any given time. Our hospitals house specialists whose patients come from near and far which may lead to temporary residence nearby. These people are already here and deserve an environment that allows for fun and leisure within a small distance to the multiple campuses. Additionally, investing in this area is an investment that these visitors and students might become permanent residents, drawn to the fun atmosphere of a city which welcomes young professionals.

This idea starts with updating the existing infrastructure surrounding the medical center. I attend UTHSCSA and can attest to many of my colleagues from out of state and out of country having to walk to lab everyday from their housing. In many areas, apartments are not connected to campus by sidewalks or anything that would constitute a safe walk. Unfortunately, pedestrian traffic seems to be an afterthought around campus.

It is only after such improvements that this area can experience true growth and hopefully draw a variety of shops, restaurants, and parks that might improve the living standards of the local neighborhoods and medical center community alike. No, it might not attract tourists in the sense we’re used to, but, since it already hosts so many visitors and students, consistent commerce can be expected.

The medical center is already a great place to work and study, and I hope city leadership would draft a plan to continue improving this area in an attempt to impress educated visitors to become educated residents. Thanks for the consideration.

Submitted by Justin A. Guerrero

IDEA #5: Transit Vision for San Antonio. We need a streamlined, frequent, affordable, and reliable transit system between the Medical Center, UTSA main campus, Stone Oak,North East Corridor (35/1604), Alamo Heights, and Downtown.

Submitted by SAforNow

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If you have any questions about Ideas For COSA, please feel free to contact me. I would love for each of you to share this tool with your constituents to help facilitate more efficient and effective civic engagement.

Thank you,

Paul DiGiovanni

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