Two Big Red Buttons

(I’m re-posting this extract from a previous, longer, post from a few months ago for anyone wanting to know how easy it will be to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader)

Here are two short thought experiments that will help rouse us from our slumbers. I’ll call them the ‘Two Big Red Buttons’

Red Button #1: Imagine it’s May 2015. You are Jeremy Corbyn sitting in a room with your mates. A genie appears and a big red button materialises on the table in front of you. The Genie says (in that big voice that Genies have):

“Jezza! You can have a post-Leninist party in the UK. A few dozen councillors and two or three MPs, including yourself. You won’t ever be in government, but you get the UK Placard Waggling Convenor franchise for the next fifteen years, and you get to dream of being there to provide the leadership needed ‘when the crisis comes’. All you have to do is press that red button in front of you.”

Personally, I think that the genie wouldn’t get to finish the sentence before that button would be punched. What do you think?

Red Button #2: The Genie then has a second gift and a brand new red button.

“Jezza, as leader of your new, small, sustainable post-Leninist party, if you press that button, you will get to wreck the reformist Labour Party — a distraction and rival.”

Again, if you ask me, I think that button would be hammered into small bits within seconds. All of the people who are now around The Office of the Leader of the Opposition would be stamping on it.

And what conclusions can you draw from all of this? Are you still in the “it’ll all blow over with a few crappy election results” school? Corbyn won’t stand down when electoral results turn sour. That’s the point. He won’t stand down at all, no matter how bad things get. To do so would be to throw away the greatest opportunity a bunch of obsessive misfits have ever had.

Labour MPs have to either drive him out now, or get out now and take the risk. The post-Leninist project has already advanced further than it should have been allowed to and it isn’t going to end well.