Why Brexit may not happen

This has been my ‘pinned tweet’ for a while.

Here’s how I think it may work.

Imagine you had been offered a cake. It will be the most fantastic cake that you will ever taste. It’s like nothing you have ever imagined before.

Eating it will be so good it will have a transformative effect on you. It will change your life forever. It’s not so much a cake as a whole new culinary paradigm.

And you totally buy this hype. God damn, you really want that cake more than you wanted anything in your life. More that your teenage kids wanted their first smartphone.

Then you are told that, when this fabulous cake arrives in a few years time, in exchange, you will have to place a very sensitive bodily organ onto a table and have it whacked a few times with a meat tenderiser.

Obviously, doubts start to set in. But the same people who got you interested in that cake also manage to convince you that it will be worth it. The joy of eating that cake will cancel out the pain of having your appendages mashed into a bloody mess. This cake has properties that will still allow you to live a full and happy life with one of your most prized protuberances reduced to a translucent crusty wound.

You also totally buy this hype. Sod the tenderiser. It’s probably an idle threat anyway. And if it does happen, that spectacular cake will work it’s magic and there will be nothing to worry about. It probably won’t be that bad anyway. People have lived perfectly happy lives carrying serious injuries…

You are still totally committed to that delicious snack.

A year on, and that cake/mashed body-bit is still a while away.

So. Still completely committed to that yummy gateau! Aren’t we? Oh yes!

Tick tock, tick tock….

🕒 🕕 🕘 🕛 🕞 🕡 🕤 🕧 🕐 🕓 🕖 🕙 🕜 🕟🕢 🕥 🕑 🕔 🕗🕚 🕝 🕠 🕣 🕦

What do we think will happen as the big day – the swap – approaches?

This is also why we should be ignoring all of these warnings about riots if we abandon Brexit. We will do it, if we do, because everyone will have been able to see the looming catastrophe.

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