Why bad things should happen to good designers

We’ve all been there: being in a queue for some kind of paperwork, getting frustrated Zootopia-police-station style. Most humans will complain at some point, yet I like to think that UX designers will find these as perfect opportunities to entertain themselves with their skills. After all, good UX is always about improving anything we can get our hands on.

In an era were media highlights the trendiest/fastest devices, hedonic goals are just the tip of a much bigger scene where design can (and is) disrupt(ing) to cause a great impact. However, this infiltration comes with a cost that not a lot of people are willing to pay: really empathizing with the situation. It is indeed scarier to truly understand problems like domestic violence yet, if internalized by brave designers, on-the-spot solutions are more likely to arise. Examples like those from the team at IDEO and the wacky/odd experiments from Buzzfeed (i.e in Ladylike or Test Friends) prove that really uncomfortable circumstances don’t necessarily end up in misery and DO open the testers’ minds. In the best case scenario, a designer will always have someone to watch out their back and this kinda makes things less scarier.

It’s an adventure, a chance to perhaps be someone else for a while and come out triumphant with new knowledge. Being Karate Kid while learning about bullying or becoming Beethoven to think how to make music be felt through other senses are not scenes that most people can enact in their jobs. UX people can :)

Bad things can be so good when the focus is set not on what these are, but in how much better they can be.

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