The Director of Parking and Transportation Services provided information such as the Parking Space Availability, as well as this semester’s daily schedules. This information was very helpful to figure out what the actual problem was.

We conducted a survey amongst students and received 207 responses. With this survey we were able to get a better idea of where students preferred to park, why they preferred those lots, parking duration, etc.

In this affinity diagram we grouped facts that related to each other and gave an insight for each group. We also added a few ideas that could possibly solve these problems.

For the empathy map, we chose Carl the Commuter as our persona. In regards to parking at Cal Poly, we show what Carl Says and Does, and Thinks and Feels.

These are some of the features and functions we had brainstormed and that we believed would make the app a lot more effective.

In this storyboard, we look at Carl the Commuter’s experience with the app and how he would benefit from using it when trying to find parking.

For the paper prototype, I did five pages that showed the action of finding the arrival time of a tram.

For the prototype tests, the users had to find the tram arrival time. The feedback I received was: add more colors to identify different actions, and make the menu location clearer.

For the app icon I used the title of the app with the map as the background image.