Art Fair 2017

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” — Pablo Picasso.

Going to museums isn’t quite my thing but I’ve already went to the National Museum of the Philippines, Ayala Museum, and Mind Museum.

When I went to National Museum, to be honest, I wasn’t able to appreciate it that much. Maybe because the ambiance of National Museum is purely historical or cultural. In every gallery there, the guards were really looking at you while taking photos or even while walking. The security is strict.

Museums are not the only way I could see different artworks.

In the Art Fair 2017 that was held last February 16–19, the vibe and/or ambiance was completely different compared to going to a Museum. I saw there different kinds of art. There were modern and contemporary art works from different artists around the Philippines (and some from other asian countries). When I went there, there was kind of a lot of people — from children up to elderly. The children were enjoying the works that requires participation, for example, the WSK’s artworks.

Wall of Sound by WSK

The kids were playing with the “Wall of Sound” in the WSK. When you place your 2 hands, it can create a sound. Then if you will remove your (1) hand, your arms can be used as an instrument as it creates sound if other people will touch it. The children were probably amazed by it thats why the kids stayed there for quite a long time.

The elderly people were really glancing through the artworks. I noticed that they were looking at every detail. Some were also asking the artists (or the person who is in-charge of looking after the gallery) about how/what/why is the artwork like that.


Sex To Speech by Tad Ermintano. Two Channel HD Video. Stereo Sound. 23m17s. Animation by G/FK/DS.
Tape Wobbler by Rambo.
Self Control by Ian Carlo Jaucian and Pow Martinez.

A gallery that mixes science, art, and music (or other field) together to create an art. They showcase art in different forms. I liked this gallery because it was completely different from other artworks in the art fair. It was very innovative and participative. The Sex To Speech was a conversation between a guy and a girl talking about sex, etc. The Tape Wobbler was an instrument that has buttons and every button has a corresponding sound or effect that may happen. The Self Control is a drum that plays whenever you rotate the circular thing (left side of the picture). Their focus is to be innovative. They make new instruments with the use of discarded and/or old devices.


When I went up to the 7th floor, her gallery was the first thing that caught my eye. It was so bright (because of the neon pink lights). Her artworks are very colorful. She uses her experiences such as, rejections and adventures. The story in every artwork she made is completely from her artificial, virtual, and physical realities. Some of her artworks are about sex. The artworks shows the happenings that every teenager experienced or will experience. I think that her artworks is an eye-opener for teenagers like me. Life may be colorful (just like the colors of her paintings) but there will always be problems, hardships, and rejections.


Without Aim 1 by JC Jacinto. Oil on Canvas.
Self-effacing mirror by Juan Alcazaren.

The ARTINFORMAL doesn’t have an overall theme (or I just didnt get it). But there is a particular ambience or vibe that I felt inside the gallery. It felt sa modern. It feels like a gallery for millennials like me. Every artwork was picture worthy.

I think that the first picture represents the solar system but in the case of the artwork, the moon is the center and then the planets are being represented as different colors/abstract. The second picture is the “Without Aim” and I guess that it shows that there are some roads that we don’t know where it is headed. We will find out where it will be if we go down that road. The last picture “self-effacing mirror” probably seeks to tell is that sometimes one sorry isn’t enough, it should be more likely to be 3 or more times. “HAHAHA” seems to sound fake but a “HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA” sounds so real. A laugh is something that cannot be controlled, it goes on (Hanggang maiyak ka dahil sa kakatawa).

Some of the artworks in Art Fair 2017

Art Fair Philippines ticket & book

Pictures inside Art Fair Philippines

Even though going to museums isnt my thing, I will more likely go to the Art Fair next year (and the succeeding years).

(wasn't able to take a photo of the description of the photos but credits to its respective artists)