How BIG God is

How BIG God Is

God is BIG.

How BIG?

He is too big and humans are too small.

Imagine the galaxies. Then a microscopic cell. Big difference, right? Truth is, that can’t even measure how BIG God is. Never will there be a perfect analogy of likeness for His hugeness.

God is very smart.

Imagine Albert Einstein, or that girl who got a higher IQ test result than him. Very intelligent, right? They know LOTS of things but God knows ALL things — things that happened in the past and things that will happen in the future.

God is very creative.

Imagine the most creative person you know. God created him. And God created the heavens, the earth, all the things around you and you — out of nothing. Formless and empty was the earth at the beginning and I just can’t imagine how He was able to turn it to things very beautiful. The mountains, the seas, the morning and all the others. Wow!

He is the One who calls the sun to shine each and every morning, and puts the moon and the stars on their places at night. He sets the boundaries of the seas in the shores so land is divided with waters. He puts all things in motion. He planned everything for your good. He keeps friction when we walk so we won’t fall. He makes the rocks in the mountains intact so it won’t collapse. He paints the sky and makes the sunset colorful — just so you’ll be entertained. He made equal distribution of oxygen for every lungs breathing on earth. He keeps you breathing. He never missed a single millisecond to give your heart a beat. And He keeps His power on your whole being because if He doesn’t, you’ll immediately go back into dust. God holds all things together. He is the perfect example of a leader who serves even when no one is looking. God is the One working backstage, not taking all the glory but letting the people enjoy all the show.

Today’s generation is wanting to know who God is. Good point! But wanting to know God first before believing in Him? Bad start. ‘To see is to believe’, is not applicable to God. He invites us to believe first and then we will see.

Our little mind is not capable of grasping even a single character of His greatness and even if we try to understand who He is, the more we try to get to know Him, the more that we will see that we don’t know Him. He is BIG. And even if I say that sentence over and over again, I don’t ever really know the exact measure of His hugeness. Who am I to know? Who am I to doubt if He is really big or not? Who am I?

I can’t put all of Him into my mind. But my heart feels Him and my soul yearns for Him. Compared to His holiness, I am very very sinful and impure. But all my sins together will never be able to cover His greatness from the peoples of the earth. He will be revealed in all the ways He can and I tell you that He can do all things.

All my life I lived in ignorance, not knowing a great and mighty love had always been there waiting for me. And when His love revealed to me all the truth, I lived a life I didn’t ever thought of when I was lost. It is beautiful. It is full of love. It is amazing! Soaked into the deepness of His unending love, I know that I can never repay Him with all my filthy-rag-works. But with the little that I am, with all my life and with all my filthy works, I will never ever stop bringing glory to His name and doing things that I know will make Him happy. I am limited. But I will love Him with all the things that I can do. He is the reason for living. The very reason why I’m living. He is the One I live for.

Stars, planets, galaxies, milky ways, all the space and everything in it.

If the universe is vast and is very wide and very big, then how BIG is its Creator?

— — — — — —

This blog post will keep you floating in the vast of wonder. I know.

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