In my short film “Walking Through the Tunnel” is a 1-minute continuous shot inspired by Alexander Sokurov’s “The Russian Arch” which is a single 96-minute Steadicam sequence shot which shows the way the camera moves through a room of people. In one particular scene of the movie, the ballroom scene, the camera moves through a large ballroom filled with people and in this scene we can see the way people socialized in that time period, it shows the way different people would interact within a space. In my film you can see as the camera moves through the tunnel, the way people interact which is no interaction at all. To contrast between the two films, from the time period in which The Russian Arch takes place to the present day as you see in Walking Through the Tunnel, there is a big difference between the way people interact within these two crowded spaces. Socially speaking, if Walking Through the Tunnel was filmed in a different space, the way people socialised would probably be more than the way they socialised in the tunnel. Another way to contrast the two films is the way in which people use the space that they’re in.


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