Dominium ICO Review

If you read the books of Robert Kiosaki, then you know for sure where to invest safely. This is real estate. What other market can boast of such reliability and stability? Perhaps no. Yes, sometimes there is a decline, but in general this sphere “sagged” — this, perhaps, never happened. It’s not surprising, because people always bought and will buy apartments, and companies and shops also need premises.
Therefore, having met in the crypto-space a decentralized project that sets itself the goals of optimizing the management of property, I simply could not pass by.
So, today on parsing Dominium. Block-project in the field of real estate.

As the developers of the project are the guys in the lives of which the blockade appeared more than 5 years ago. They are professionals in their field, specialists in property issues, industrial issues, and, of course, asset managers worth more than tens of millions of dollars. Well, and the pros in the field of block projects and the development of ICO.
Dominium was conceived as a project whose goal would be to improve the quality of services in the field of real estate. Of course, we can not ignore the fact that here we have introduced a third-generation blockbuster and “smart contracts” that will bring the real estate sector to a new level.
The site will be directed directly to the functioning of such tasks as the process of selling, buying and renting premises and buildings.
Functional Dominium:
● development and production of assets;
● trade in assets;
● Regulating issues related to asset management (registration and transaction processes).

The Dominium was based on the Ardor notepad, a popular coin that represents the “evolution” of Nxt.
Of course, based on the blockbuster, Dominium has all the necessary regulatory licenses, based on which it will create standard legal correct templates to accompany transactions in real estate. This will give the site an additional opportunity to develop regulations that they can sell by the owner of Dominium accounts (well, of course, due to the use of blocking technology, security and transparency will be 100%).
In addition, unlike many companies, Dominium has a portfolio of property assets, which brings profit, which guarantees constant growth and high level of functionality of the site itself.

Dominium plans to operate around the world, so the legal department of the site prepares the necessary documentation in order to avoid any mistakes due to the specifics of the real estate business in certain regions. Developers guarantee that by the time of the final release of the platform on the market, all the platform’s capabilities will be 100% law-abiding. Information on the project’s tokens
Name: DOM
Protocol: ERC20
Available volume: 1 000.000.000 DOM
Of these, for sale: 700 million DOM
Minimal purchase: 100 DOM
Price: from € 0.10 to € 0.25 (depending on which stage)
With the help of which coins can you buy: EUR, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, NXT, ARDOR
Softcap: € 2,500,000
Hardcap: 92.5 million euros

Well, the project is extremely interesting in my opinion. And here a lot of pluses. First, the chosen sphere is a very reliable and fairly stable area for investment. Secondly, a professional team of project developers.
By the way, I started watching the project some time ago and I notice high activity both in social networks and in the news of cryptomir, which indicates the serious intentions of the team and the desire to bring the matter to the end.
Of course, decisions about investments are made for you, dear readers. But I would strongly recommend this project for you to study.

Official contacts of the company:

BTT username: vasilisc555
BTT profile link :;u=1204966
ETH: 0xe4baa1588397d9f8b409955497c647b2ede9defb