The data is cheap to store and relatively easy to process
Medium’s metric that matters: Total Time Reading
Pete Davies

This reminds me so much of a similar theme in digital photography.

Back in the days of film photography you had to be more deliberate and measured with your photos. You couldn’t preview your images and shoot another one to cater for a mistake. You took aim, focused and took the shot. You also had a limit based on how many rolls of film you had.

With digital cameras, your upper limit is determined by how much time you want to spend going through your photos and editing them (if at all). Beyond that, you could take as many as you want.

With all this data, it is almost trivial to capture huge amounts of data and if you don’t need to filter and analyse all of it, even better. Surrounded by all that data, it is also tempting to keep adding to your list of key metrics instead of remaining focused on the really important ones.

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