White America’s Dirty Secret: The Fear of Black Manhood and Why We Lynch “Bad Niggers”
Omowale K. Afrika

I had this on my computer for 3 days before getting around to reading it. I’m glad I waited… as Frederica Wilson was exonerated from the lie told by Trump (the black hole of decency, the festering abscess of western rot). I’m glad I waited until reading about RAM; college educated white supremacists who bring coordinated violence to marches and are apparently intent on murder (and have yet to be investigated by the FBI).

As Malcolm X stated “…take a stand in the face of any kind of reaction … rather than to compromise and later on have to grow up in shame and in disgrace.” There’s been too much sitting, too much “Not fucking up my money with these white people” and too much cowed shame or hollow pride attached to material wealth. That’s why I’m so proud of Kaepernick standing up by taking a knee. He said “F*ck your money and your fame.” Love that!

And here’s another thing. The act and action of the athletes following in his stead is a wake up call for the diaspora. It’s as if we stand at the brink of our own Arab Spring, a mobilization of the african american standing up in the face of white/western violence. It will require a fearlessness, a willing to stand in the face of scum like Sessions, the pig-eyed f*cktard, racist cops and alt right fascists and catch all the hell they throw, but like Angela Davis said, “We are the manifestation of our ancestors dreams”. We are here because they were willing to suffer and die for us. That kind of strength is deeper and stronger and lays at the bright blazing soul of every one of us both blessed and scorned on our journey to now.