Byteball speaking at Blockshow Europe, Berlin, May 28–29

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We will be speaking at Blockshow Europe next week in Berlin. This is a major crypto event with over 3,000 attendees, so a great opportunity to attract some attention. Byteball will be speaking on a panel titled “Next-Gen Blockchain: How Innovators Discover New Dimension of Decentralized Solutions” with representatives from Ripple amongst others. The event is de specifically for those who are planning to implement blockchain in an existing business, which leads us onto Bosch.

Pimp my Connectory Hackathon

Earlier this week we participated in the Pimp my Connectory Hackathon at the Bosch offices in Stuttgart. This was an IoT focused event “organized by developers for developers” which might explain the rather unusual (but memorable) name! Bosch has shown significant interest in researching how distributed ledgers can be used with IoT enabled Bosch products.

With Byteball developer Evgeniy Stulnikov currently working on an IoT solution for the Byteball platform, who knows where this might lead in the future.

Byteball founder Tony did a presentation at the event and announced that payment channels are something we are working on. In this context, a payment channel is a method of paying small amounts of money over a network in a streamed fashion.

Byteball Use-a-Thon in Venezuela

The interest in the Byteball Use-a-Thon in Venezuela has greatly exceeded expectations. Several thousand emails have been attested (thanks to @tarmo888 for making the bot multilingual) and there has been considerable student interest. One of the students, Alejandro Estévez, did this video presentation (it’s in Spanish). Casper Niebe from Byteball summed it up:

“The response to the Byteball Use-a-Thon has been MASSIVE, and the email attestation spread like wildfire on campus. There’s still a few days left for teams to sign up for the contest, but we already have confirmation there’s several teams participating. The support from the Student Council has been brilliant and I’m really looking forward to welcome the teams as the contest starts on May 25th.”

“During the following four weeks, teams will work on actual use cases for the platform, aiming to apply the Byteball platform to real-world problems. So far, it’s been an amazing journey, and I’m really excited to see what they’ll come up with.”

Our team grows further

Milan Horvarth has joined us as a Community Manager. He has been the Facebook manager of Byteball since December. Milan is also a customer-side project manager of a gambling website, and founder and chief organizer of a yearly festival in Budapest which focuses on human connections. On joining Milan said:

“I am really enthusiastic about Byteball. It feels like an extremely well designed system with plenty of exciting features. Being a Community Manager I will focus on engaging new and existing users, developers, contributors and influencers to participate in exploring the mind-blowing possibilities of Byteball platform. Let’s make our community grow!”

Convert Bytes to physical Euros — alpha phase

We now have our first ever physical exchange of Bytes to fiat currency (Euros) in Milan, Italy. There are currently no fees to exchange.