Most popular Dapp chooses Obyte to issue their new in-game token (the latest Obyte email newsletter)

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Paul Murray
Apr 8, 2019 · 3 min read
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Obyte Newsletter

(Translations of the text below: Chinese 中文 Japanese 日本語)

DrugWars chooses Obyte

We were extremely pleased to learn recently that the popular game DrugWars had selected Obyte to issue their new in-game token, Future!

At the time of writing DrugWars is sitting proudly at the top of the State of the Dapp charts with more daily users than projects with tens of millions of dollars of ICO funding behind them. After Future was launched and introduced on our Exchange Bot, Obyte smart contract activity rose 1000% due to the buy/sell orders being placed. Just in the first couple of days, over a million Future tokens were bought and sold on the Exchange bot.

One billion Future tokens have been issued on Obyte in total. The initial 5% will be distributed as an airdrop to DrugWars players by ingame metrics related to points they have.

“The drugs are virtual, but the money is real” is the DrugWars tagline. Learn more about DrugWars.

You will hear more about this in future newsletters.

Commission-free trading extended

CryptoFacil has extended their free trading offer to April 30 for us. Use the code 0FREETRADES to redeem their offer!

Poll bot upgrade

The poll bot now also shows results by attested users, which means that it could be now used for petitions. In addition, it doesn’t matter how many Bytes you have, as each attested user is only counted once. This is an additional use case for real-name attestation or any other attestation (e.g. email and Steem commands are supported too, just not suggested to users). See Github documentation for more information.

Obyte explorer improvement

The Obyte Explorer now has an instruction modal window, which explains what each unit color and border thickness means. To use, just click the [i] button in the left-bottom corner — screenshot.

New exchange listing pending

Several weeks ago we wrote that Obyte would soon be listed on an exchange with significant volume before the end of March There has been a delay. The exchange had some technical issues with their usual server host, and now will be using a different host. Last we heard they were synching their node, so this listing should happen soon.

It still might be before the end of March, but there are only a few days left for our estimated timeframe to be correct. We are sorry for the delay.

Pending new wallet

Similarly, we wrote recently there should be a new wallet released soon. We still expect the “soon” part to be soon, but it is also facing unforeseen technical delays with the Android wallet. In summary it’s because the entire framework that the previous version was built on is no longer supported and Google therefore won’t allow apps running that version to be updated without also updating the framework.

Korean and English technical Q&A

Thanks to Dakeshi from the Korean community for taking the time to answer some technical questions (part 1 and part 2) about Obyte in both Korean and English. The Q&A series has been created from a conversation with Casper Niebe, User Acquisition Manager. It contains some advanced topics but it will be helpful too for those new to Obyte.

Dakeshi is one of those people in the Obyte community that some may be unaware of, but contributes a lot in the background, like translating this newsletter into Korean with rock solid reliability!

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If you got even 1 Byte of value from this please ‘clap’ below so others will see the post.

Thank you

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