Now anyone can be their own sports betting bookmaker and issue their own odds using a point and click web interface (powered by Byteball)

Paul Murray

BB Odds adds new features for bet makers

BB Odds has just deployed the biggest update to BB Odds since initial launch!

A bet maker is someone who offers odds for others to take. Basically, the same as a traditional bookmaker, but in this case, YOU can be the bookmaker!

(reminder — BB Odds is a web interface to the Sports Betting Bot that runs on the Byteball platform).

With a click of the button, you can place your own odds (slightly better odds are always copied to clipboard too). Just make sure that you have deposited some Bytes to the Sports Betting Bot first, otherwise your odds will not become available for others to take.

Additional features

  • Bet makers can filter out fixtures that have high margin, so they can offer more competitive odds.
  • Bet makers can now also see which fixtures don’t have any odds offered at all.
  • Odds are now accessible for more people. In addition to decimal (European), fractional (British), moneyline (American) — there is now also Hong Kong, Malaysian, Indonesian and implied probability %!

You can toggle between maker and taker modes:

Statistics worth thinking about

Bancor raised $153 million in their ICO and currently has around 300 daily users of their Dapp.

CryptoKitties raised $12 million from leading venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures and currently has around 400 daily users.

Byteball had no ICO. BB Odds/Sports Betting Bot had no ICO (and are run by volunteers) but had around 200 users earlier this summer. Incidentally BB Odds has improved significantly since the latest user numbers were published.

‘Homeless Barkless’, a 2017 ICO investor (one year later).

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Paul Murray

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#Obbie — Head of Digital Content, Obyte

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