Why the Smartest Internet Marketers are Silently Exploiting Snapchat.
Paul Jey

🐀 Imrat thanks! In the direct response space iv seen some interesting attempts with Snapchat.

  1. DJ Khaled- He promotes his own e-commerce store and products. I was actually watching Shark Tank and one of the pitches was a custom design flip flops company called https://www.islideusa.com/. They were making branded flip flops for DJ Khaled who was selling them primarily through SnapChat. In one day DJ Khaled sold $40,000 worth of branded flip flops all from Snapchat traffic.
  2. Malan Darras, Chris Record, and Russell Brunson. All guys from the affiliate space. They use Snapchat to show the “behind the scenes” of creating their products. Then they get users to go to other platforms to monetize. For example Chris Record right now is pumping up his Tecademics product and he is just showing all the behind the scenes content on Snapchat to try and get users to sign up.
  3. Although i don’t have direct links for this one (just forgot where I saw it). A lot of Entrepreneurs and brands are using Snapchat as a place to build trust with users. By answering questions, posting content, and just by offering that unpolished unedited transparent access to themselves. While this is hard to tie to a direct response metric. These users see these brands and entrepreneurs being genuine, answering questions, providing real value on Snapchat. This causes prospects to let their guard down and go buy one of their products.

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