A Lovely Affair

He called her and whispered a number, nothing more, nothing less.

The room was dark with the curtains drawn, but the strong summer sunlight still managed to slip in between the corners of the shades and make the room take on a soft, sensual glow. Three candles light the room even further, providing both shadows to hide in but sufficient light to see each curve and fold in their embrace. The music was already playing, a quiet mix of jazzy drum-and-bass lounge music from his iPod. It was tender, but forceful. It made itself be listened to, but never overwhelmed the space.

The space. The place that saw many come and go, but would be all their own, at least for an entire morning and ½ the afternoon. He turned the thermostat a bit higher, knowing that with the last little bit of nervousness left in her, she’d be “cold”, though only her fingers and toes and not her heart nor soul. He wanted it to be warm and inviting, gentle and comforting. There would be time for heated and ferocious, but for now, for the first time, he wanted gentle calm. He wanted to hold her. Simply. Quietly. All he really, truly wanted was to slip his arms around her oh-so-sexy body and just hold her. To kiss her neck. To take her sweet face in his hands and kiss her stunning blue eyes, her cheeks. Yes, indeed, to taste her mouth, her kiss meeting his.

He wanted to hold her in that quiet, gentle space, and float with her. Her eyes ached for that, he thought, and she too was right, beneath his silliness and sarcasm, he realized he let slip that look as well, that need, that tacit desire for a sparkling, perfect moment of simple, elegant, undeniably sensual affection.

Their time was one of whispers and smiles, of dreamy tenderness and maybe a gentle, playful spank. And while the kissing, as suspected, DID heat the room up to scorching, they never let it get beyond them. They debated, for the sake of comfort (and wrinkles that she felt could not be easily explained) whether to simply undress and slip under the covers. To lie close to each and talk. Caress. Kiss sweetly. To draw circles on her back with his finger and play connect the dots with his tongue. To run his hands through her hair while she pulled his mouth to hers, her body onto his. To roll and slip, to slide and wonder. To not think about a single thing, and simply feel everything they ever deserved to in that very special place they created…

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