Your Start-up Will Fail If You Don’t Set Boundaries.
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Set boundaries, but make them your own

I like this article, but stopped short of recommending because of the first few paragraphs. Set boundaries, yes! But don’t email on major holidays? Seems like a bit too much specific advice.

I don’t have email alerts set up because they’re intrusive, and the people who are close to me in my life have my phone number. It is our responsibility to set our own boundaries and kill the technology distractions when needed.

So by all means, email at midnight and major holidays if you like. Many of us don’t make the work/life distinction because it’s all just living. But the boundaries we set should coincide with our goals for happiness and our biology (we need regular breaks from everything). And John (the author) is right… stick to those boundaries because time flies not only when you’re having fun, but when you’re miserable and busy too.

Have fun and { create : awesome }

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