3 Reasons Why I Stopped Following Gary Vaynerchuk on Instagram

Paul Keefe
Jun 18, 2018 · 4 min read
See ya later, Gary.

I’ve followed Gary Vaynerchuk for close to five years now. In that time I have grown a tremendous amount. He has sparked many thoughts, conversations, and actions in my life. But it reached a tipping point where I just had to cut the tie.

The guy is insane. He’s absolutely crazy. And he gets people fired up. Watch one video of him talk, and his passion pulls you in how Doug Baldwin pulls in a laser throw from Russell Wilson. As a Seahawks fan, I only kind of apologize for the analogy. Gary is a die hard Jets fan. One of his massive dreams is to become an owner of that team.

I actually think he will do it.

Gary is a content beast. His team has him being recorded practically 24 hours a day. Everyday. All week. Year after year. He creates massive pillar content, which spreads through to all of his social media streams.

It’s powerful.

It’s unceasing.

It’s unrelenting.

And when you watch enough of him, you understand why he does it. Podcasts, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, vlogs, keynotes, books, articles. He is literally everywhere.

His work has inspired me enough to get on platforms like Medium, and start putting out content that is natural to who I am. It’s the reason I started a personal challenge of writing everyday for 30 days on Medium. I wanted to put myself to the test to see if I could put out content on a daily basis, find enjoyment in that process, and learn more about what I’m the most inspired and fired up to write about.

Now that more of my friends are finding out who Gary is, and beginning to follow him on Instagram, I’m really seeing how powerful an influencer he really is. Before, I would come home from work and watch a DailyVee episode, and then mention it to someone I train. They’d say, “I have no idea who that guy is.” Now, it seems like I have people coming up to me and asking if I know who he is.

So I’ve finally taken a step back and noticed a few things.

I thought to myself, “Why I am I still following this guy? His books, and Youtube channels are enough. Hell, I got more work done after reading Crush It! five years ago than listening to any podcast, or reading any Instagram post by him.”

It’s finally hit the tipping point after much thought. I’ve unfollowed Gary Vaynerchuk on Instagram. Here’s why:

1. Because He Told Me (Us) To

He has literally told his Instagram followers on multiple occasions to either a) stop reading what he is saying, b) stop consuming anything else on the platform, and c) stop following him all together.

The reason being — it’s all talk. People just consume. They regurgitate quotes. It makes their ego happy because is masks itself as progress, in reality nothing changes. There is no action.

He wants us to go and do. And he wants us to keep an eye on his more meaningful work. He wants us to listen to his podcasts, watch his videos, or buy his books, if we are truly serious. On Instagram, he just scatters nuggets of info as micro content. Sawdust, he calls it.

2. Same Message & Too Much Noise

This leads nicely into point two. What he’s saying now has barely changed since I first followed him years ago. And he’s also saying this same thing with a lot more frequency.

Patience, empathy, gratitude, clouds and dirt, hustle, don’t complain.

His hallmark words. What are they to me? Just words. It’s about living those things. Breathing them. Bleeding them. They have to become who you are. You must embody them.

What did it really mean for me to keep scrolling my feed everyday, see the same message reworded in a slightly different way, and then double tap it?

If it genuinely makes an impact on one’s mindset, and changes that person for the better, then great. For me, I didn’t want to feel like I depended on it. Or fool myself into thinking that I didn’t have it in me already. We all know these things deep down, yet we crave these motivational messages ever than before.

3. Creation Over Consumption

We spend a lot of time consuming information. It creates the illusion of progress. When someone says knowledge is power, I don’t believe it. It only has the potential. What is done with that knowledge is all that matters.

To me, all there are only principles. And every piece of information we consume is one’s means, or perspective and opinion of the greater principle.

Means change, but principles remain the same.

My principle was this: Do the work that matters to me the most, while providing the most value to those around me.

Did following and liking Vaynerchuk’s daily onslaught of Instagram posts get me there? No.


Thank you for reading my article. I hope you found it helpful or at least thought-provoking. If this post did help you, consider sharing it with someone you think it would help too.

Paul Keefe

Written by

A Canadian wellness coach sharing thoughts on mindset, self-discovery, and well-being / paulmkeefe.com

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