To my fellow junior developers: My first week in Tech.

As I wrap up my first week as a professional developer I’ve never felt more like an outsider than I have these last 5 days. At first I felt so overwhelmed by the tasks and the amount of code I was thrown into. It DEFINITELY made me feel like an imposter in the world of tech but then I realized a couple of things.

  1. ) I’m a junior developer!
  2. ) It’s my first week as an actual developer!
  3. ) I learned how to code in 12 weeks!!!! (IN 12 FREAKING WEEKS)

After realizing those three things I felt a lot of better. What made feel even better was the fact that the people around me felt the same way. Everyone is constantly learning and scrambling to get better while being haunted with the thought “Am I good enough?” Unless of course you suffer from the Dunning-Krueger effect.

To all my former GA classmates, other bootcampers, and anyone who is starting off their career in tech: Don’t worry. Nobody knows what they’re doing either.

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