7 Podcast Episodes I Always Return To

Reruns aren’t just for tv

Paul Kondo
Jan 9, 2019 · 4 min read

It’s Tuesday night and you’re spent from the work week. (It’s only been two days, people!) Not wanting to make any tough decisions, you go for the ‘comfort food.’

For dinner, you go for some ramen. No, not the instant stuff that will simultaneously take a month off your life but also bring up wonderful memories of those long-lost college years. You go for the good stuff that costs an exorbitant $2.50 and throw in a bunch of yummy extras.

For entertainment, you sink into your couch or bed but instead of learning something valuable on the History Channel, you go straight for Parks and Recreation reruns. It’s l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y the best thing to rewatch.

The question though is why we don’t tend to do this with podcasts. I guess one answer is that a lot of people still don’t listen to podcasts or have only listened to a very few so re-listening to one seems strange.

Recently, I was talking to my friend and she said that she re-listens to favorite episodes all the time and I looked at her like she had four ears. When there’s so much good stuff out there and more coming out every day, why go back?

But then I thought about it. I do this too. I just never stopped to think about it.
Below is a list of episodes that I’ve listened to multiple times and will end up listening to them again in the future.

Anna Faris is Unqualified — Jason Mantzoukas (79 mins)

No doubt, this is the episode I’ve listened to more times than any other episode ever. I was a huge fan of The League and the Rafi character (Mantzoukas) is hands-down, the most off-the-wall character I have ever seen on tv.

What makes this podcast episode so amazing is that you get the Mantzoukas we all know and love but at the end when they talk to callers looking for serious advice, we get something that makes our mind explode. We get Mantzoukas giving worthy advice. I dare say he’s a savant but what makes it so perfect is that he never switches off his true outlandish personality. Farris sits there in awe of what the hell is happening.

Kind World — When the Sun Came Out (7 mins)

Truthfully, most of the episodes from this show could be listed here but this was one of the first ones that I ever heard and the one that I always recommend.

In this day and age, we need more stories of kindness. We need hope that people don’t suck. We also sometimes need inspiration from others.

This episode shares the random meeting and unlikely bond between two strangers, 77 years apart in age. By the end of this short episode, if you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a dusty room while 20 other people are cutting onions, you may want to go to the hospital to check on that non-functioning heart of yours.

Story Corps — Ghetto Life 101 (30 mins)

Thankfully, this episode was replayed in 2018, 25 years after it had initially aired.

There is no wonder why this documentary won awards. The things that struck me were:

a) How stunning it sounded. Forget the actual words that are spoken. Just listen to how it sounds. You have two young teens narrating their life in the 1990s in Chicago’s South Side. It’s the cacophony of them, their family and friends, the street, the school, music, everything.

b) The juxtaposition of two young kids and the horrible world around them yet how completely normal it all is to them. Nothing fazes them. Life — it is what it is.

c) How unwoke I can be. I need a reminder of this more frequently than I care to admit. Living in an affluent neighborhood complaining about my crappy wifi signal is embarrassing to admit, let alone, write publicly.

The GaryVee Audio Experience — An Interview: An Entrepreneur’s Life, with Entrepreneur (2012) | #TBT (10 mins)

Just listen to the first 66 seconds. If I ever run a business, this is the way everyone needs to think.

The Growth Show — charity: water’s Founder on the Power of Naivety (21 mins)

Honestly, listen to any interview with Scott Harrison but if you have the time, watch his Inbound13 keynote, which is when I was introduced to him and his organization. I learned that I could clap and cry at the same time after watching his keynote.

HBR IdeaCast — Hiring the Best People (28 mins)

Honestly, I don’t have to listen to the whole thing but I do have to remind myself constantly of this key quote:

It’s not what you know or who you know, but it’s who knows what you know.

The Art of Manliness — How To Tell Better Stories (39 mins)

This is going on this list but it remains to be seen if I need to revisit this every so often because if I take on his Homework for Life challenge, it will be ingrained in my thinking on a daily basis.

There are two things I loved in this episode.

  1. When telling a great story, just think of “first, last, best, worst.” That will go a long way.
  2. More importantly, his concept of Homework for Life sounds life-altering. I’m just starting it but I need to do it. You can watch his TEDx talk about it.

What podcast episodes have you listened to more than once? Let me know on Twitter using #PodcastReruns.

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