My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

I kind of understand your POV.

But your not seeing the whole thing that all the immigrants to this country have faced the same prejudice. Mexicans and other Latinos currently, Muslims and Asians such as All Asians also face the same prejudices currently. And use to be the Irish (you cant be any whiter than an Irish) Italians, Greeks, etc. etc.

Everyone comes here with the peoples that are already here, and accepted, not quite ready to accept them. They have to prove their worth as a nationality or Race to be a part of the USA. Just talking in general here. It seems to be a part of any foreign peoples immigrating to any where. there are language barriers, Religious differences, Cultural differences , and just plain tribal style ethnocentrism. We have all had to over come that regardless of the color of our skins.

Why has the Black man had such difficulties over coming that tribal ethnocentrism and becoming another accepted segment of the USA ? Maybe it is because they came as slaves and not as part of the American dream of free willed immigrants ? Maybe its because they have relied on the government to raise them up and have not relied on themselves and their families ? Can we can look to the plight of the American Indians in the same sort of circumstances?

I know some really nice people who are Black, who are nicer people than I am. But those statistics are there, and that is not the fault of the white man. So my conclusion is that the Blacks need to become like the immigrants and do their best even though the established world is against them, like they are against all minorities , until you beat the white man at his own game. Nobody ever gave the immigrants nothing. Good Luck!

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