The Inconvenient Truth about Great Advise

It does not matter how good you were last month, last quarter, last year. In sales, there’s always a new hurdle to overcome, a new mountain to climb or a chasm to be crossed.

Right now, there is in all probability something holding you back. It’s something that you know you should be doing but for some reason you never get around to or it’s something that you keep doing (you may not even be aware of it) that’s preventing you from achieving more.

Whatever it is, it’s unlikely to be solved by applying the same level of thinking that created it or sustains it. In other words……get advise……

……..but who do you turn to for such solid, impartial advise?

I can’t name a person for you. What I can tell you is that you should be looking for a risk taker.

Because risk takers, well….take risks, they’ll have made a lot of mistakes. Because of those mistakes, they’ll have learnt a lot of lessons……and as a result, will have valuable insights.

Play-it-safe types make great friends but they make lousy counsell, because their advise comes from a place of fear;

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of what others think

Risk takers come from a place of experience.

Do not confuse risk takers with the reckless or adrenaline junkies. The reckless and adrenaline seekers are looking for immediate gratification. Risk takers play the long game. They are considered and goal focused. They just don’t allow fear to dictate their terms of engagement.

So go ahead, find a risk taker, buy them coffee and ask for advise.

……..What’s the worse thing that could happen?

……..What’s stopping you?

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