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Zogics Awarded MA Wellness Tax Credit

For the second year in a row, Berkshire-based Zogics has received certification for their worksite wellness program from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. This certification allows Zogics to claim a $10,000 Wellness Tax Credit for tax year 2017. The Massachusetts Wellness Tax Credit Incentive program gives qualifying businesses in Massachusetts a state tax credit for having a certified wellness program.

Wellness has long been a cornerstone of Zogics, an e-commerce company that serves the health and fitness industry. “The Wellness Tax Credit will help support our goal of building the healthiest workplace in the country,” said Zogics CEO, Paul LeBlanc. “Wellness is an essential part of our culture. We chose the Berkshires as our home so we’d be in the middle of a world-renowned hub of health and wellness resources. We also implemented flexible schedules, unlimited PTO, incentivized participation in athletic competitions, subsidized organic community supported agriculture (CSA) shares and more.”

The Zogics headquarters boasts an array of ergonomic office furniture, a newly installed clean air system, and the employee favorite — an onsite company gym that’s easily transformed to meet the needs of staff. The onsite gym has become home to regularly scheduled boot camp classes led by professional trainers, dance classes, indoor cycling sessions, and more. “While Zogics has always had a wellness program in place, the most recent expansions to our lineup, made possible through the Wellness Tax Credit, have boosted productivity, engagement, and morale in the office,” said LeBlanc.

This passion for wellness has driven Zogics to help other companies implement their own workplace wellness solutions. “We want to see more companies enjoy the benefits of worksite wellness. For example, according to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, employers who invest in their employees’ wellness see, on average, a 28% decrease in sick days and a 26% reduction in health costs. And from the American Journal of Health Promotion comes one of the most financially compelling arguments: the average return on investment (ROI) is $2.38 for every dollar spent on employee wellness,” notes LeBlanc. Zogics now works with businesses around the country to organize evidence-based health services, implement training programs that increase employee safety and reduce workplace injuries, and design and outfit company gyms (See Paul LeBlanc’s recent article, How to Build a Company Gym And Why You Should). is a leading supplier to health and fitness professionals. To learn more about how Zogics can help your company’s workplace wellness initiatives, visit

The Massachusetts Wellness Tax Credit is available to qualifying Massachusetts businesses that employ 200 or fewer workers. Learn more by visiting:

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Zogics’ onsite company gym

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