Why Leftist Culture Warriors Keep Losing National Elections
Ryan Bohl

The power base of the Democratic Party today is coastal. It associates midwestern/western/southern sensibilities with jingoism, ruralism, white male privilege and every other form of social ignorance. It’s never going to trust liberals outside of its home regions. It doesn’t want to reach out to them.

One reason is that those liberals may be TOO liberal — they may not respect the awesome power of big media and big banks as people in the urban east and west tend to do. They may not understand the assumption that without friends in those high places and a lot of compromise accorded them, nothing happens.

The dogmatic/spiritual approach breaks down somewhat when you consider that the coastal Democratic elite, a loose coalition of neoliberal power brokering and identity-based rights advocacy, is not particularly dogmatic about traditional liberal values. But it IS dogmatic about “the way things run” in politics. (edit: And as Mr. Bohl reminded me, the identitarian faction can also be dogmatic about who is what and has what rights - at least to the degree that they rely on academic theory.)

At the same time, Republicans pretend to be spiritual, but under it all is ill-concealed dogma. They agree with neoliberal Democrats that money not only runs things, it ought to, and it must continue to. Their spirituality has devolved t0 simple loyalty: profess Trump and thou shalt be saved.

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