Who Says You Have To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?
Darius Foroux

We are taught to distrust “comfort” without defining what it is. To believe security is stagnation and that we only grow thru stress — never mind how much. Bring it on, sink or swim, and thereby know your worth and character. And don’t ask for help navigating thruall the other advice telling you how to destress, stay in the flow zone, or manage frustration.

The conflicting marketplace of philosophies acts as a help to the social Darwinism we all assume is a basic fact of late-stage capitalist life. If you don’t think and choose carefully, you’re out of the game. But if you ask too many questions, you’re out of the game.

P.S. “The art of deconstructing advice about life, work, productivity, and entrepreneurship…” Probably no one else is doing what you profess here. Work, especially, is too holy a concept in American culture to be actively and purposefully interrogated. Thus every bit of advice we get about our working lives tends to be accepted or rejected — always uncritically.

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