“Illuminating the Dark Web”; or, Circumventing Medium’s Single-Author Limit

Our research on how drug sellers may be telling the world where they live

The problem

Medium is a sleek publishing platform for individuals to expound arguments, recount experiences, and share independent research. Unfortunately, research is often undertaken by teams of multiple people, a fact that clashes with Medium’s model of not allowing co-authored posts (only co-authored publications).

Thanks for that smiley, Medium, but care to reconsider?

The Solution

Michael and I, having just completed research on geotagged imaged on the dark web (i.e., how some drug sellers may be telling the world where they live) and having no superior alternative, opted to create the appropriately-named Paul Lisker/Michael Rose joint account and publish there.

The Article

Hope you enjoy our research—let us know what you think!