Confessions of a Failed Female Coder
Caroline McCarthy

All this politically correct tiptoeing around the elephant in the room sickens me. There are very real cognitive differences in men and women, and trying to pretend this is not true is stupid. Women have been trying to compete at the top level at bridge for many years, and in a generation there are one or two who can do so. None has ever won. There has never been an all-female pair or team even close to qualifying for the world championship finals.

Though I agree that in other areas there are some cultural bars, it is similar for chess, mathematics, and coding. There would be some significant number women who would be at the top levels, and there aren’t.

Living in denial doesn’t advance anything. Anytime anyone says “women can do anything men can do” anyone knows that is simply a wish — it is not reality.

Women and men are different. Men are not better, they are just different. It is biological. It is stupid to deny it.

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