What We Talk About When We Talk About “Daddy Issues”
Lauren Parker

Hey Lauren. Good work/tough stuff. Really hit me hard.

Most men I’ve coached have father wounds, and the recipient of the negative manifestations are the women in their lives. Real issue may be truth avoidance, it’s not their fault, so it must be the woman. True maturity doesn’t come with age, but with the acceptance of responsibility. You are right, most men are not mentored by their dads.


There are many men that fight for their children, fight for their marriage, wrestle to keep their word, strive to maintain centered living, provide security, affirmation, love, acceptance and value to their children.

First thing I counsel young dads…hug your kids. Be present. Love without hesitation. All true discipline flows from love. An unloved child, is an undisciplined child.

Keep seeking truth. PC

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