Village to be built in Shirak Province, Armenia

Armenian-Americans and Armenians worldwide: Armenia is set to build a new village in Shirak Province. This is an incredibly historic move for the country; specifically, Armenians living along the unfinished Kaps Reservoir.

Paul Malool Armenian Village
Paul Malool Armenian Village

Nearly 14 miles from the city of Gyumri, Armenian, an entirely new village is set to be built. This new area will act as a resettlement for residents of what will soon be the Kaps Reservoir in Shirak Province. The decision was recently approved by the Cabinet, who’ve noted the update as historic for Armenia and its people. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan noted that this is the first time in the history of the Third Republic of Armenia that a new village will be built from the ground up. He also stated that there is significance in this, as it will determine the modern perception of an Armenian village in the 21st century.

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Paul Malool is an Armenian-American who loves sharing his passions for art, history, music, and culture.

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