Beyond Ego
umair haque

Beautiful, and thought-provoking, as all your essays are. One thing that struck me as I was reading is that “Suchness” and “Enoughness” can come through mindfulness — Being present in the moment and enjoying the simple process of being — The ebb and flow of sensation, thoughts, silence, and our place in the world.

On the concept of “permanence,”that to me is the art of the work on the self — Our opinions, attitudes, knowledge, appreciation, and actions. We’re creating a better way to just “be” in the world as we learn to open our minds and incorporate other thinking into our beliefs.

In other words, it’s a permanence of our understanding of ourselves — Whether that’s intuition, objectivity, surprising ourselves, or something else entirely.

Again, thanks for the piece, it’s a refreshing balm.

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